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We provide  Tax Preparation and Accounting Services  to save your time , money and make your life easy

Alam One Stop Tax and Accounting Services

Find Experienced and Reliable Tax Accountants and Enrolled Agents

What We Offer

Alam One Stop Tax and Accounting Services in San Jose, CA offers a variety of financial services to make your life easier.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll Preparation
  • IRS Representation
  • Tax Preparation
  • Sales Tax Preparation
  • H-1B Visa Preparation
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Our Objective

Secure a responsible position in account management and serve as an account representative who can share my experience and abilities that can help the growth and success of employees and employers.

What Makes Our Personal Tax Accountants Different?

Enrolled Agent Firm

We are an enrolled agent who earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by passing a three-part comprehensive test.


Although we know every client has unique needs, there’s nothing we haven’t seen before. We can solve even the most complicated financial situation.

Personal Attention

Because our firm is small, our clients get personalized and quality services Clients can ask questions anytime, and we always deliver prompt and accurate answers.

No Scare Tactics or Unrealistic Promises

We are an ethical and honest taxation accounting firm dedicated to helping individuals and small businesses.


As an enrolled agent, we represent our clients before the IRS and state tax boards. We don’t give up until clients receive the maximum reduction in their tax liabilities.


"Mr Alam has been helping us with our annual taxes for last few years. I will highly recommend him for your tax needs. In addition to his deep technical knowledge of taxes, he is a wonderful and warm person. I always thought I could do my taxes easily using online options. In fact I did that for many years until realized how much money I was leaving on the table by not using a professional like Mr Alam. He has truly maximized my tax refund."

- Anand A.

Milpitas, CA


"I was working as a 1099 and I have absolutely no education on business tax, and this was the best money I spent on the business! He advised me with how best

to set up my corporate tax structure, how to pay myself, how to pay employees, what financial forms I needed at the end of the year and advised me about business expenses. Mr Alam did my taxes for this year and I could not believe how quickly, efficiently,

and accurately they were done and paid a lot less in taxes then what I would have myself. He also provided very helpful advice on how/what to do for future tax filings based on my first year. For this upcoming year I attribute my taxes to the way he had me

set up my business so there were no terrible surprises at tax time. I would absolutely recommend Alam one Stop Tax and service to anyone, business owner or individual. They know what they're doing, and they do it well!."

-Faran Shafique


"Mr Alam has been preparing our taxes for several years. He is very thorough, sincere, honest and detailed oriented.. He is very responsive to our questions and does great research on new tax topics and issues as needed"

-Floyd Harrison


"Mahbub Alam is my tax consultant and advisor for me for last 18 years. He is detail oriented, efficient and accurate. I would highly recommend anyone to avail his professional service for your personal and business

accounting needs. He is that good."

-Raj Venugopal

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