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Improve Your Financial Health


At Alam One Stop Tax and Accounting Services in San Jose California, we help our clients learn how to manage their wealth and debt. Let our professional staff provide you several financial tools so you can protect your assets.

Investment Management

In today’s investment environment, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of information available. It seems that the media and so-called “experts” are always telling you what to do with your investments, even though they do not have any knowledge of your specific financial situation. Without professional advice, taking action could be detrimental to your investment goals.

*These services are offered by Jonathan Vert, Jeffrey Vert, ho Antny Martiniello, Kathryn Hartie, and Linda Newell through their affiliation with HD Vest.  

Cash Flow and Debt Management

Cash flow is the cornerstone of your wealth management plan. Without a clear picture of what money is flowing in and out each month, it is impossible to make informed decisions with respect to the other wealth management issues that affect you.

In addition to your cash flow, your debt level and credit history are also important barometers of financial health. Good debt management ensures that you have credit when you need it, make wise borrowing decisions, and avoid disaster if you become overextended.

Family Risk Management

Are you prepared for the unexpected? Even the best investment and financial plans can crumble if you have not properly prepared for the risks that exist for every family. Careful planning and investment should be prioritized in case something happen to you or a family member such as a disability or death.

Business Planning

The demands of running your small business may leave very little time to focus on the important financial matters that can have a major impact on you, your family, and your business. It is important to protect your business from a potential financial loss not only for your sake but also for the welfare of your employees.

Living Trust

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